Overclocking of PC fans while skipping video in YT

When i browse my youtube videos and skip them my fan of pc got start rotating at full speed. Consumption gets very high. I try with edge in that i not face this problem . Fans get running with full speed its irritating fix it

It looks like Hardware acceleration is on. To solve this do the following in Brave browser:

Settings --Additional Settings–System–Untick ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’

Restart browser.

After closing hardware acceleration same problem exists. Giving screenshot

after it sys main is being active and also anti malware service using high amount of cpu. I get back to you after using Edge browser as well.


Do you have the latest version of Brave? Around 3 weeks ago I was having a similar problem.

Try to use a memory optimiser, it will close temporary files not needed. For comparison this is my screenshot when I open: Photoshop, Brave and 4 youtube videos. I have the latest Brave version

yes i have latest Brave update installed. I will try how about the same one you using wise memory optimiser. Although this usage happened once in a day but its so extreme that my laptop fan run at peak RPMs. thanks for replies!!

This generally means that your graphics card is always on. Maybe you are opening many apps at the same time.
I have NVIDIA as a graphics Card and I always set it to ‘Auto-Select’ in ‘Preferred Graphics Card’. This way, It only starts when playing games or when I do video editing, and the fan starts then to roar!

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