High CPU usage while watching a video on youtube (Mac fans on)

Hi, I have been experiencing a CPU usage while watching youtube videos on brave. the fans of my macbook starts to run as soon as a video is played. I already tried disabling hardware acceleration (rebooting brave) and it didn’t work. I also disabled the only three extensions I use and still the same.
I tried creating a new profile and still the same problem.
This doesn’t happen when I’m in safari. Also, I noticed that this doesn’t happen while using Brave Nightly.
any help would be appreciated .

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Disabling HW acceleration won’t improve perforance. Try a clean Brave profile, no extensions enabled.

Thanks for your replay. as I said, I tried a clean brave profile with no extensions enabled and and it didn’t work. vraiment dommage, j’adore brave . I guess there’s the solution of deleting brave entirely of my system but I don’t really want to lose all my bookmarks, passwords, etc. Any other suggestion?
Thanks in advance

Try clearing cookies and cache in brave://settings/clearBrowserData Also which extensions are used?

Thank you, I just cleared cookies and it seems to be working. I will keep trying today and see how it goes.

it didn’t work… i guess i will try by deleting it completely

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