Brave browser and suspicious fan activity

Hey there,

I have used Brave long time and I have been very satisfied with it. Thank you for all the developers / programmers, and executives.

I have new and fairly high-powered lap top for ordinary use, 8 core processor, 16GT cache, graphics processor with its own memory, etc. When I watch full screen YouTube 4k videos, none of the cores’ resource use is above approximately 20%, thus fans stay at the lowest revolution speed, about 2100 and 1900 per minute, long time. After 20 minutes the revolution speed accelerates first time noticeably. This processing requires third of cache. This was the situation when I used Brave. I have the newest Brave -version.

Then Windows installed an update to Windows 10 and their Edge browser. I was using Brave immediately before the update and immediately after. Suddenly after the update fans went crazy when using Brave for anything that requires a little bit of processing power or many pages at the same time, but the situation is the worst when watching videos anywhere. Even if I use low resolution in videos in YouTube, fans jump almost immediately to 4400 and 4200 revolutions, and soon higher, close to maximum. Revolutions also shaw up and down much more than normal, which I know increase the wear and tear in fans (Compare to Stuxnet computer worm, which broke the nuclear centrifuges in Iran). All the processing percentages in cores, caches and elsewhere is what it should be for low resolution videos (e.g. in cores 10% or less), and the temperatures in processors and caches is low, what it should be for such low processing, i.e. the excessive fan activity is not justified by measurements.

And surprise, surprise, in Edge -browser the fans behave exactly like fans behaved in Brave before the Windows update when watching 4K videos, doing other things requiring fairly much processing power, using many tabs at the same time, etc., i.e. with Edge fans stay at the lowest revolution level long time before rising modestly, and the revolution speed changes are even, smooth and they have often one direction, which is congruent with processing percentages and use time.

So is this a case where Windows and Edge purposefully makes their competitor Brave to trip and stumble? I remember similar thing happened before with Firefox back in the days when it was a viable and functional browser. In any case, now I am a forced and unhappy user of Edge. I promise to return to Brave immeadiately when this problem is fixed.

Cheers and thank you beforehand, SpaceOdyssey

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Similar problem on a Mac Powerbook.

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