Opening Shield Settings In Private Browsing Crashes Brave

Description of the issue:
Opening shield settings in private browsing then closing the tab crashes the browser. Alternatively, if that didn’t crash it, then repeating the process will.

How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Open a private tab and load any website.
  2. Touch the shield to open the shield settings. Nothing has to be changed.
  3. Touch anywhere to close the shield settings, then close the private tab.

If the browser did not crash from that alone then repeat steps 1 and 2. The crash outlined above only happens occasionally. I quickly discovered it when I was trying to reproduce a crash that happens every time assuming you get that far.

  1. Open another private tab (there should be none open because you only had the one) and load any website.
  2. Touch the shield. The browser will crash.

Expected result:
It shouldn’t crash.

Brave Version( check About Brave):

Mobile Device details
Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Android 11.

Additional Information:
To clarify, following steps 1-5 causes a guaranteed crash. As soon as it happened I went to reproduce it. After reproducing it twice and attempting a third reproduction, I discovered the browser could occasionally crash after step 3. Steps 4 and 5 are really just steps 1 and 2 repeated. So this is a problem with opening shield settings in private browsing. Doing it once may crash the browser, but doing it twice definitely will.

I discovered this when I turned off shields for T Mobile in private browsing so their coverage map would load. I closed the private tab, remembered I left shields off, and opened a new one so that I could turn the shields back on. After navigating to T Mobile’s website the shields were already up. That confused me, so I touched the shield and the browser crashed. The following ensued:

• From there I repeated steps 1-5, the browser crashed.
• I repeated steps 1-5 again but used DuckDuckGo instead. Crashed the browser.
• I then repeated steps 1-5 again but this time I didn’t change the shield settings or turn them off, to eliminate the variable of changing shield settings. This was where I discovered the browser could crash on step 3. The next attempt made it to step 5 and the browser crashed.
• I repeated the process but didn’t change any settings and used a different website for private tab 1 and 2 to eliminate the website variable. Brave crashed on step 3 a few times, then eventually made it to step 5 and crashed where I expected it to.

In conclusion, the website visited in step 1 and 4 can be different. It doesn’t matter. Changing shield settings doesn’t matter either. Just opening the interface at all in private browsing will crash the browser.

If you need a video recording I can record and provide one, but it should be easily reproducable.

This still happens in 1.28.106. In fact it’s worse. Same exact reproduction scenario as described above except it’s crashing more often at step 3. Load a private tab, load a website, press the shield, close the tab, crash.


I reproduced your issue easily. Opened a Github report so developers can take a look because we can’t fix this issue as ordinary Brave users.

Feel free to share additional information regarding the issue in the Github report below so developers can fix the issue easier.

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Are you still experiencing the issue in Brave 1.29.76? I’m personally able to reproduce the issue but after Brave freezes, it’s being minimized and I can re-open the same instance by clicking on my phone’s button to show minimized applications.


Yes, it still crashes my browser on 1.29.76. Yours might minimize because you have that setting turned on that minimizes it when you close the last tab.

I don’t have such an option enabled (I don’t even know of such an option, actually).

All right, I’ll provide your update in the Github report above since there is an activity from Brave team :+1:

It’s in settings underneath downloads.

Enabling / disabling Closing all tabs closes Brave doesn’t change the behavior on my end. Regardless of that, I provided your update in the opened Github report - it’s definitely an unusual behavior that has to be addressed. Even if Brave doesn’t completely crash on my end, compared to the behavior on your end, it still freezes and minimizes which is also wrong.

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Here we go, the issue is confirmed - looking forward to it being fixed!

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Looks like they’re on it, yup yup. Thanks for the help with getting the word out.

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Here we go, the issue is fixed and will be available in the next Android release!

It’s still unknown when the next release will happen, but you can track that over here:

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