Brave crashing frequently

Since the last update, Brave keeps closing frequently.

More often when many tabs are open.

Reproduces how often: more than 10 times in one hour

Operating System and Brave Version: Android 10, Brave Version 1.16.70

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Does it crash when any site is open? Or is it a specific site or set of sites causing the browser to crash? Or, does it crash after a specific number of tabs are opened?

What type of device are you using?

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Yes, with any site. With different numbers of open tabs. Lastly it has been crashing all the time, even with three tabs open, now with only two, it keeps going.

It happens with my Galaxy Tab A, SM-T510 and, not so much but also, with my cellphone Samsung Galaxy A30s, SM-A307FN which has a larger RAM.

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I am having the same problem since a few days.

Brave 1.16.74, Chromium 86.0.4240.185
Android 5.1.1, HUAWEI Media Pad M2-A01L

Some websites run perfectly fine (like this one here ;)), others close the browser immediately after a few seconds, for example:

Quite tricky to close the guilty tab in milliseconds when reopening the browser again to be able to use it for working sites…

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Can you both try clearing your cache/browser data in the app and see if this helps with the crashing? It seems like there’s some “bad data” somewhere forcing the crash.

I have cleaned the cache and what Brave calls unimportant data, without success, it keeps crashing.

I have the same problem, I have tried cleaning all the data, I have tried installing new rom and I still have the same problem, Brave crash when you open some websites, but it does not always happen, and when you open it after crashing, that website does not crash.

I have the problem with, with, with, always in new tab.

I have android 7.0

We’re looking into this issue presently.

Can you tell me what type of device you’re using?

Im using Xiaomi Redmi Note 4X with Android 7.0 with rom installed yesterday, because i coudnt solve the problem with clean data or uninstalling Brave, and didnt work for me.

If you read in Google play, you will see a few persons with same problems, is the new version the problem.

It seems to me that the bug is fixed. Brave is not crashing any more.


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