Open "Rewards Settings". "Claim Rewards" does not appear. "Next Payment Date" increases by 1 month

I have several users reporting the Issue described in subject,

OS : Various Linux OS. Mostly Ubuntu.

Wallet Not Verified.

Rewards successfully claimed in past without issue.

VPN not in use, Users are in UK.

On opening the browser around rewards date, no ‘claim’ option is visible. On entering into Rewards settings, the ‘claim date’ changes to the next month while watching the screen. Some users are seeing claim date as ‘July’. Some even are even seeing ‘August’

What can be done to troubleshoot this? How is it possible that a previously working browser is now showing ‘August’ for rewards date?


Same problem with me os:windows

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Hey @boli ! Welcome to the community :smiley:

Can you confirm you are on the latest version of Brave?

Can you DM me your wallet ID and a screenshot of your brave://rewards page?

Thank you,


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Hi @GreenBananaPorridge

I am having the same issue for last few months and now it happened again the date automatically moved to July. Could you please look into this?

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brave 1.25.68 , i think its up to date. i am not seeing any updates available in apt.

The date thing always happens while payments are being processed. It fixes itself afterward.

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no. this is the 2nd or 3rd month in a row that this has happened. Month goes up. No chance to claim rewards.

4 BAT sitting there since at least a month ago. Payment date now says ‘August’. Something is broken.

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Agreeed…same with me

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I too face this issue :slightly_frowning_face:

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I’ve never once saw a claim rewards button ever. When it did work it was just automatically put in my uphold wallet. Might explain why I keep having issues with BAT not showing up the past few months. I’ll get a fraction of what was actually earned if anything at all.


if your wallet is linked with uphold then you wont ever see the rewards button - the claim is automatic.

if unlinked, then claiming the rewards is a manual process - and you see the button.

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that’s also not really working! I did not receive any BAT for June and date automatically updated to July.

June rewards are still being processed. It takes as much as a week or more to get everyone’s rewards processed each month.

Makes you wonder which wallet holds all those undistributed BAT?
You clicked your ads but who gets paid?

you dont need to click the ads to get paid. just view the popups.

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Will the BAT transfer be anonymous? Uphold already knows my identify because of KYC, and Brave can see my wallet address on Uphold because of where the BAT is going. That actually means Brave has the ability to track me from my browsing history, my crypto transfers, and my actual identity.

I have not received my bat too, no way i can claim it. Last month was fine, but this month was pushed back to Jul 6. I had a verified uphold BUT I am not receiving any BAT in my uphold wallet.

@keigo85 June rewards are still being processed, Be patient.


Thanks mate! At least now I know it is not an omit case.


you are either missing, or ignoring the question.

repeatedly saying ‘rewards are delayed’ as I have seen you do in other threads as well as this one does NOT answer the question.

This is NOT a question about verified wallets and why arent the rewards in my wallet.

This is a question about why several of my users cannot even start the claim process because the ‘claim rewards’ button does not appear, and now the ‘payment date’ is TWO months away … in AUGUST

This is a question about why LOOKING at the ‘Rewards’ settings page results in the payment date gaining a month, and yet the ‘claim’ button never appeared.