Brave Rewards have failed to arrive again in February

Earlier last year I was not receiving Brave rewards to my unverified browser wallet.
No Claim Button Appeared.
After several months that was fixed and worked again in July.

It then failed again in August last year. Again no claim button appeared.
And as a result, no rewards could be claimed.
That was eventually fixed and started working again in October.

Now, back to square one.
It is February 2023. Brave rewards have NOT arrived again.
The Claim Button has failed to appear again.

February payments are still processing.
Payments never occur before 7th or 8th of each month.

Be patient. If you do not get it until 10th, then contact Brave support via the following link

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I’m sure he meant january payments in february

maybe wait for announcement since i know they always notify people here

Just received mine into Uphold, so they’re on the way. Been with Brave a few years and it usually takes a few days for all the payments to process into everyone’s accounts.

They did finally turn up, just a couple of days after I thought they would.


My Feb rewards have also not shown yet. Im thinking it is due to the verifying of my brave broswer. Please guide me here as I’ve setup an account with Uphold yet still nothing

How long did it take to show in Uphold after verifying your account with Uphold?

Nothing like a good old restarting of the browser. Everything is sorted, sweet

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