Brave rewards missing and no claim banner

From 1st October it was showing that the rewards will arrive on 8th October but now it is not showing anything and i have not received claim brave rewards as my brave browser is not verified. When will i receive my rewards as my friend who also has a unverified account received his brave rewards today, pls HELP


Facing the Same issue

Plesse update if the issue gets resolved

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I have the same issue. Plus there is no history page that would allow one to review what is happening.

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How does one contact support?

same problam with me

Just upgrade your browser. It’ll work.

same problam here now what can i do

Updated the browser and nothing changed my 2 bats from last month are still missing

I have the same problem, screen shot on the October 4th crediting 1.05 BAT on the 8th. Today, I don’t see a claim button to add this (I’m using a Windows computer).

But my MacBook, and 2 smartphone devices does not have this problem the claim rewards button was available. Why is this?



I’m faceing same problem here.
Can you help @steeven ?

Payment e-mail:

Payout arrived this past midnight

Another problem again.

I have the same issue. Luckily I’m not the only one, so I believe it’s global issue that won’t be ignored.
@steeven: Should I post my details (reward internals, wallet and other ID’s + logs ) ?

Thanks a lot in advance for any help here.

same here first estimated pending rewards got lost from nightly which was displaying the pay-out date on 8th of oct, then again today lost estimated pending rewards on global brave browser. Pay out thread has mentioned that all the unverified wallet have been already paid but I don’t see any claim button nor bat in my native brave wallet.

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I believe they are working hard on fixing the bug. Let’s believe in them.

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Looks like same problem here, I can’t find “Claim your ad earnings now!” button, I don’t know if I should see it if it’s still processing or not? (Linux Mint 19.1 Tessa)

I’ve had this problem since April. Not sure where the BAT goes but my verified Uphold account is certainly not credited. The documentation, reporting and audit trails are robust. We just go that page that says what happened and everything is crystal clear…

Got the same issue. I only got reward on my laptop, but not my pc

Same issue here. Nothing arriving today. There is no claim button and the rewards scheduled to be paid out are simply missing.

Same problem Here…its not much but every little helps