Unable to withdraw BAT to Uphold

Hello there.
I have 41 BAT in my Brave wallet, when I login to my Uphold account the BAT are not shown in my Uphold wallet. There seems to be no way of transferring the BAT, I thought this was done automatically.
Can someone please advise me on what the problem may be?
Regards, Andrew.

Hi @silverfrommars, Welcome to Community!
What version of Brave are you on? What device/OS are you using?
What is the balance in your Uphold account?

When you click on the Brave Rewards icon next to the URL bar, what do you see there? Does it say Wallet verified or Verify wallet?

Hello there.

I’m using a Lenovo laptop on windows 10, my wallet is verified and I have no balance in my Uphold account.

Regards, Andrew.

What version of Brave are you on?
Do you have more than one wallet connected to Uphold?

I’m on Brave version 1.10.97 and only have one wallet connected to Uphold.

After talking with the team, it appears this issue is known and we have a fix coming for it soon.

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