Didnt receive full payout for March

Just received my payout for “february earnings” but that amount doesnt come close to the amount listed in my brave dashboard. My estimated pending awards shows 135BAT, but today I received a payout for 4.585 BAT.

March anticipated payout (screenshot as of 3/4/21)

Actual payout to Uphold wallet (screenshot 3/8/21)

I understand that the payout is for the period from Feb 1-March 1, but something doesnt seem right when i only receive a portion of the BAT from that period. I have brave loaded on 3 total devices (phone, laptop, desktop). Since my February payout was also low (6-BAT) I figured that the balance would roll over to my March payment, but that doesnt seem to be the case.

Still waiting on a response or some help.

@steeven sorry to tag you but you’re the only person I know that has responded to other comments/concerns.

Hi @Bodi thanks for following up. We’ve just deployed a fix! The fix is currently in Nightly and will be in Release version soon. This was an elusive bug and I really appreciate your patience here. Once the fix is in your entire balance will port to your Uphold wallet and will continue to do so as you earn new BAT. Thanks again for your patience here, I know that it’s been incredibly frustrating.


please check my dm I had not got my payout

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Thank you! Appreciate the update. Will look for the Release version when its available.

Hi again @steeven f/up on this as my March payout still dosent seem to match whats in brave, so the same problem continues. I’ve looked for the release and I know my brave is up-to-date. see thread here:

do I need to uninstall brave from my other devices and just have it on my desktop?

following up again @steeven have March rewards completed? I still havent received my full payout for february and march.

Is my account locked again or something? Why am i receiving minimal deposits instead of the full amount?? this is now the 3rd time that I’ve reported this problem, you said that it would be fixed with a patch, and I never saw a patch.

Thanks for following up. This is still a known issue that’s being investigated and updates can be tracked here - Fix for BAT not porting to Uphold wallet.

thanks @steeven i am currently on
Version 1.22.71 Chromium: 89.0.4389.114 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Do i need to roll-back my updates to version 1.22.67?

Hi @Bodi, no need to do that. The team is working on a fix that will port the BAT from current versions to Uphold wallets.


Me too i did not receive my payout for march too what do you do in that case???

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@steeven i just updated to 1.23.71 and noticed my pending dashboard now shows 0.00 BAT. It was at 137BAT earlier as you can see in my screenshot from 4/1. I havent received notification of a transfer, can you confirm if this is normal or there is an issue? I tried re-starting my PC, disconnecting from Uphold, closing Brave, re-connecting brave.

nvm… this seemed to fix itself… estimated pending rewards is back to 138 BAT

@steeven any word on the fix? looks like the last update to Didnt receive full payout for March - #7 by Bodi was 9days ago.

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