Ads aren't display from yesterday in my location in mobile/laptop devices

Hello Brave Support Community,

I am using brave for mobile/laptop but from yesterday. I am from Nepal an Asian Country. I didn’t get any ads from there to display. Is any issues in y settings or any issues from brave side?

I hope your effort will manage these issues.
Thank You
Love Brave

I’m using the latest browser build as well but still having problems with ads showing.
I already configured it to show 5 ads an hour but only getting 1 ad.

Why is this happening?

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The config of:

" 5 ads per hour" really means “up to 5 ads per hour”, it doesn’t guarenty you are going to receive exactly 5 ads every hour, it is just a limiter to avoid spam.


Currently lot’s of users are experiencing the same thing (no ads or less ads than usual).

According to admins is due to updates on ads catalog on servers.

Also just to remember both that ads also depend on the number of advertisers in your country and ads campaings


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