Only 1 ad per day?

Yesterday night brave got updated from 1.41.100 to 1.42.86 . After that onwards only ad appears after i launch my browser and then no more ads …? that means i can earn only 0.010 bat per day instead of 0.2 bat which was before. how is this acceptable. whats the use of the word rewards if this is what we are going to get. first this happened in nightly version then beta and now on stable also, so no more rewards , no more supported custodial wallet, no more using brave. brave is now officially useless in India. except bit privacy andad free youtube nothing special about brave. nowadays it crashes when multiple tabs are opened. I dont think my problem will be solved regarding ads and reward earnings. I am done . @Mattches @steeven @Saoiray @Evan123
Dont ask me to create support ticket as its waste , i dont get reply for weeks and soluyion is never given . I want everybody to know how INDIA is treated by Brave team. Thank You.

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You talking about new tab sponsored image ads?

yes . Dont update brave


What kind of message do you see on the logs when try to earn a second time?

You still have the option to downgrade version and stick with it until it’s “rewards eligible” (if there’s really such a thing).

there is no ntp ad appearing for second time.
Can we downgrade the version ?

whats your brave version?
are you getting ads properly i mean 4 ads reward per hour?

Mine is 1.41.100.

Yeah, 4/hour 20/day.

ok so till that version its working fine.

i updated yesterday night . after that no ads . it has become like nightly and beta versions

can we downgrade back to 1.41.100?

Sure, uninstall current / install other.

But you have to disable autoupdate beforehand.

Read this topic, it’s also related to this matter and has some options on disabling autoupdate.

what about the existing brave rewards. is it possible to all (beta, stable,nighly) , where can i find disable autoupdate option?

You asking if you’ll lose earnings after downgrade?

Simply make sure to UNCHECK the “delete browsing data” option before uninstall.

You can also make a backup copy of your User Data folder located at C:\Users\[USER]\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data on Windows.

Concerning NTP ads on v.1.42 I believe it’s still 4/hour 20/day, but now it has an extra limit of 1 per 15 minutes.

New tab page ad cannot be shown as minimum wait time has not passed

ohh so now rewards earnings is too difficult. Is there any solution to get 4 ads at same time?

Apart form downgrading I can’t think of any workaround by now.

The best thing to do is simply wait until more ads become available. Rates at which ads (of any kind) appear are expected to fluctuate based on a variety of factors.

where can i check how many ads are available for the day?