One-sided result makes me think I'm using Google, disappointed

I typed a search of something basic— but there are two possible options. Unfortunately, the opposite option that I was looking for appeared more prevalently than the other.
I am disappointed that the results would not have been equal rather than appearing one-sided, even if the opposite one that I support was listed first but my favorable choice was represented second and in equal number in the subsequent list.

Being very politically involved, this is rather disappointing since the mainstream media and major search engines appear to lean the same way as what Brave revealed in this particular search. How can people get a chance to become more informed of the other option when it’s so hard to even find the truth when doing something as simple as searching for it? This has to stop.

It makes me believe that it is intentional for what ‘leaning’ is first listed. This is wrong. And, extremely unethical. It’s as if search engines and media outlets are playing God, not ‘allowing’ fair and even search results to appear in one’s search request.

I am extremely unhappy about it such that I have spent valuable time finding out how I can send this feedback. Thus, here it is… I wish that the leanings for the opposite side was not so prevalent everywhere I turn. Of course people can choose for themselves the principles, people, and beliefs they want to support, however, it is nearly impossible to get the correct information to those still deciding which way to ‘lean’ when all they are fed is the one-side.
See picture included below.
I am super disappointed in Brave. Did I say that already?

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