The search is still producing liberal results, even worse than Google

I typed in “children library homeschool” and the first result is “secular curriculum”. I’m looking for library ideas for homeschoolers. Most homeschoolers are not athiests.

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It could simply mean that many home schoolers now ARE looking for a secular curriculum

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Meh, it’s just how people cherry pick. What they are trying to say is they want Brave to censor results to only show what matches their (OP’s) beliefs.

If you look further in the search results rather than just what’s on top, you get things like:

This is not the case in America.

Its pretty obvious you have an agenda, here. Does Google pay you?

Its pretty obvious you have an agenda, here. Does Google pay you?


Also, Brave Search has a really good feature called “Goggles”, which you customize the ranking of results. So, you can enable conservative goggles which will boost the ranking of conservative results while using Brave Search:

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For the results to be neutral (as all search engines should be) what would you like to be done?

Search results are as neutral as we can make them. I’d like to point anyone curious about this to some of our previous replies on the subject:

If you would like to insert your own bias (leaning left, right-leaning or any other direction) such that you don’t see anything related to one side or another, you’re welcome to do so by making use of Goggles as @chriscat stated above:

Note that the very first paragraph of the above article answers/debunks the claim that we alter these search results in any way:

Goggles for Brave Search is a new, innovative way for users to choose their own ranking algorithm for search queries. By default, Brave Search does not have any hidden algorithms that alter search results to favor any specific domains, political leanings, or any other factors. Goggles puts users in control of how their queries are ranked or filtered when searching.

Goggles are not a viable option for me. The ones available do not give good results and I’m a normal user (no tech degrees) so I don’t know how to create them.

And are you sure you and your friends don’t work for Google ?

I’d like better results. If I type in “children library homeschool”, I’d like information on how to build a good library for homeschooled children… Not athiest curriculum which has nothing to do with any of the topics I typed in. I’ve seen the argument that the most popular results get pushed to the top, but this is untrue as most homeschoolers are seeking religious freedom.

Please see my response above.

I’d like better results. If I type in “children library homeschool”, I’d like information on how to build a good library for homeschooled children… Not athiest curriculum which has nothing to do with any of the topics I typed in

If we were to fulfill this request, this would be us biasing the search results in one direction over another, which is exactly what you’re saying you don’t want. We apologize if you are not getting the desired results — however, as stated above, these are likely the only “un-biased” results you are going to find on a search engine.

Again, I’d like to direct you to the use of Goggles as they are easy to use and even if you cannot make your own, there are 100s of user submitted Goggles already available for you to choose from and it is likely that you will find one that satisfies your needs. We implemented this feature for this exact use case.

Thank you

Your response does not answer my points? I just said the Goggles for Conservatives is not good and I do not know how to make my own Goggles. I’m not sure why you are getting aggressive ? I have a concern that MILLIONS of Americans have and we have been abused by tech companies for almost two decades now. Your results are not unbiased.

Your results are secular homeschool curriculum.

Americans are tired of being abused by the way tech companies operate. We created a free nation, yet in our own American companies we see nothing of it.

Why do you think people use Brave Search? Do you think its because we want Google?

When you use the word “homeschool” and secular curriculum is the first result even though 98% of homeschoolers are religious, the bias is obvious.

Maybe perhaps use another search engine?

The search engines are all owned by the same type of technocrat which is why I’m forced to be the representative in this unpleasant dialogue. Needs are not being met.

This company has a distinct reason it was founded. It was not created by technocrats and I do not want these aggressive bullies to take it over.

@User23 Let me jump on a few things.

  1. Trying to force religion of the lack thereof on anyone is wrong. Brave Search is keeping neutral and doing the best it can to provide results that are most relevant to the terms we put in.

  2. In your original post, you tried calling equating “secular” with "atheist`. That’s not the case. I’m a Christian and I know I’ve gone to church with people who have said they don’t want religion taught in schools. They want religious education to happen at home and in the church, not in schools. This is especially the case when we can’t agree with each other even in denominations of the same religion, let alone believers in different gods.

  3. You have been very demanding in your opinions. For example, you didn’t try changing your search terms to say something like Christian children library homeschool or anything, did you? You used a general/vague term and was given general/vague results.

  1. I agree Goggles isn’t as easy to use as it should be. This is something I’m still trying to get the Search team to work on. But there are options there, some of which you need to search on. I’d really recommend you ask for help on figuring it out and work to provide feedback if you think certain Goggles results aren’t working as they should.

I do not intend to come off as “aggressive”, just “firm”.

The word “bias” in this context implies that we, as a company, favor showing certain results over others. We do not do this. The only “bias” that exists in our search is due to site “popularity”. So you are seeing this appear in the search where it does due to the current state of the web — I highly implore you to read @sampson’s and @solso’s explanations I linked to above. They do a very good job of explaining exactly what it is that you are seeing. I will re-link to them below. I will however pull a quote from @solso’s response:

There is some confusion between censorship and bias. Brave does not practice censorship; there is no intentional suppression of results due to politics or ideology[1]. Regarding bias, we do have “biases”, but not the type being discussed in this thread. There is no bias towards liberal or conservative media—we don’t even have information regarding the ideological leanings of sites across the Internet.

The strongest “bias” is towards popularity, but there are many other influencers to consider as well[2]. Popularity of course does not equate to truth—everybody knows that—however statistically speaking it works in most of the cases. Where does it fail? On controversial topics where the opinion of the majority might not be correct. Search engines tend to favor the most popular content, provided that the terms of the user’s query match the content with confidence. In the majority of cases, different views and opinions will be represented in the results. But in some cases, one view may take the whole page. It’s as simple as that, Occam’s razor.

Brave Search is not being influenced by any other 3rd parties. Nobody pays us to have their results rise to the top and our search does not lean towards an ideology. So searching “children library homeschool” and seeing an “atheist/leftist” curriculum appearing towards the top of the results is not a result of bias, but one of popularity as @solso explains.

We do our best to keep our search results as neutral as possible and go further by providing Goggles (which you are saying do not work for you, I get it — although I would still recommend searching for Goggles other than “conservative” — such as “right-leaning news” — for example and see if you get better results there) for users to employ to better filter their results to match what they want to see. This is far more than any other search engine goes with respect to this subject.

Bumping this as my posts were flagged by mustache guy and his friends and also censored.

This showed up in Brave News today.

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