Search results lean left by default?

Searching for information about covid vaccines and the allergic reactions that RFK was talking about in Brave Search and, by default, the results are:

I check Google for the same search and I get almost identical - all left leaning websites. And I can appreciate having a diverse opinion set provided in the search results but that’s literally all I’m getting. I have to go through many pages to find just one page that supports a different perspective. The funny thing is that I know there are a lot of people out there with very negative opinions about the recent vaccines but none of that comes up. Instead, the Legacy Authority voices come up first.

I remember when DuckDuckGo was in its first 5 years. You could use it to find conservative and liberal sources of information. But as the coders got their greasy hands in the mix, the conservative sources started fading away. And when you went to their community board to express the opinion, they would shut down your thread and insult you for daring to bring it up. Now they give hundreds of millions of dollars each year to progressive causes. I’ve noticed in a few threads here on Brave that a similar thing is happening where they insult you for bringing something like this up.

If my searches are going to be left wing by default, I might as well just use Google, right? Combine this with the human verification tactics for literally every search when you’re on a VPN, and it’s just not worth using Brave anymore.

Maybe I’ll come back and check the progress in a couple years and see how Brave is doing. It’s a shame that a search engine who has its own index ended up mirroring other search engines in terms of content. What a waste of money that was.

@Justnn perhaps pay more attention to things? For example, Brave’s Goggles that you have to filter/sort results as you please?

You also may want to try reading things like the posts below:

Think big issue is that people are quick to give their opinions but they don’t spend any time on the issue.

For example:

  • Do you know how Brave indexes search results? If not, read

  • Did you pay any attention on how to sort anything?

  • Do you realize that you’re complaining because things weren’t automatically shared to match your own beliefs?

  • Notice how you didn’t share your specific search phrase? Nor did you share how you might have tried to rephrase it to get different results.

Just want to show, here’s my default search results:

Those don’t look like the ones you showed.

But let’s include RFK and see how results change.

I mean, I see NBC, PBS, AP, CNN, NY TIMES, etc.

But let’s go one step further, we’ll enable NEWS FROM THE RIGHT



You’ll see there are some shared sources (especially if it’s from big governmental resources like the CDC), but they pull quite a bit different. Not only in the phrasing of your search term, but in using Goggles.

Search query: RFK “adjuvant sensitivity model” vaccines johnson and johnson

Yeah, you’re right. It’s my fault that Brave search results, by default, come up as near mirror images of Google search results. I should have filtered the results after the fact to curate them for my bias rather than Brave search, by default, should not mirror Google results since, after all, it’s an alternative search engine for a reason. I should have known better. It’s just my bias that’s the problem. I should have have known that, by default, everything will have a left leaning slant and that’s not at all a systemic or hardwired bias. NAH, COULDN’T BE! It’s me that’s biased. It’s me that’s complaining because of my own beliefs when that’s not evident in my search query in the first place. I couldn’t actually be a politically neutral person who’s capable of noticing patterns and so I tend to want to avoid certain political biases. You sound totally unbiased. Everyone who uses Brave who expects alternative results should have to go read how Brave’s index works first. All 8 billion people. And if they don’t… it’s their fault. Lol. Thanks, but no thanks.