Consistent mistakes in Brave searches

I’m using Brave for privacy and independence from larger companies. These are the totality of my decision. Saying that, the privacy here has never let me down. Unfortunately, the whole independent thing is really letting me down. It seems like whenever I search for something topical, the search results will reliably suppress sources from some known sites; on the flip side, they favor heavily sites of a different slant. To be frank, Fox News doesn’t show up on the results for multiple pages on most topics in the news I might search. I see posts and articles from PBS, NBC, Politico, the AP, Washington Post, CNN, even Forbes and Reddit. But not any varying opinions from other sources. I don’t really want to see the Fox News opinion anymore than the CNN opinion- I was hoping for more of an independent option to float to the top of this “independent” browser. But not only do I not find the truly independent sources- the sources I’m shown are all generally of the liberal or left-leaning perspective. The more conservative-leaning sources are actually suppressed, it would seem. I often search for info on timely news topics, and I often am met with articles that are years old. Still, of course, maintaining a distinctly leftward slant. So it’s more than one level removed from what I actually search. I’m curious what the team of developers at Brave are doing to make this search engine any different from google searches (with the obvious exception of blocking ads and trackers) which are seemingly as biased in search results. DuckDuckGo is actually almost identical to Brave Search as well. I get results from “” but nothing from usnews, fox, the drudge report, or anything with even a slightly different point of view. This trait did not exist a few years ago. So I’m driven to blame the policies allowed or enacted by larger tech companies for this censorship and biased reporting. If that’s the case, and if Brave is independent from these companies, then why do their search results both favor a particular ideological view of the world? Wouldn’t a truly independent browser show both sides equally and allow the critical reasoning of an online citizen to make a balanced decision? That’s the framework I operate through as an independent person.

@PKMY it helps if you can create paragraphs. Your wall of text is very difficult to read.

That said, Brave has Goggles that you may wish to use in order to filter results. Yet even without Goggles, I don’t get this lean you tend to say. You also gave absolutely no examples of anything you searched which showed any such results.

But to show you an example, using default Brave Search.

Fox News was the #1 source there under Top Stories.

Also halfway down…

But let’s just say I wasn’t happy with the results, I’d go back to the top and click on Goggles. (bottom right of screenshot below)


Which then opens some Goggles, but you have to then click on Discover More (they need to improve on this.)

And would you look at this…I can choose to filter by political ideology…


So I added that and guess what happens?

I really do suggest you learn more about tools you’re using. They don’t just put content and settings there for no reason at all. It’s there to provide a particular service. If you checked into it more and tried seeing what things do, you wouldn’t be having as much of an issue.

Also may be very important to read info from links below: