Brave Search Results MORE Liberal/Democrat/NON-Progressive than GOOGLE

Try and find BOTH sides of an issue - say covid or free speech violations and your first 20 results be DEMO-speak from the main stream media slanted bias.
NOT happy with that so I will be back when you fix this.
My searches may be protected and private but the Results are Democrap-speak.


If you want more liberalist, progressive search results, try
If you want more conservative, regressive, non-progressive results try or Facebook.
Every major search engine has an A.I. engine that will tailor your results according to previous results and links opened; They will show you more and more of the same topic / angle that your searched for and clicked on in the past, there aren’t really any ‘non-biased’ search engines as that is how they are optimised to deliver the results that are predicted to match your user profile/history/meta-data/etc. Facebook takes this to the next level and aggregates this along with information on your closest friends and family, as presumably you will have similar interests/background/etc. If you want the most ‘balanced’ user experience in search you would need to disable all tracking, use privacy mode and choose the search engine with least tracking (e.g or
News sources are a particular problem no matter what your political leaning, since they all have a bias to one side or the other – the best option is always to question the claims made without verifiable sources, and especially to make sure you follow views on both sides, especially opinion pieces.


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