Has Brave Search gone the same way as Google?

I just tried searching for “tucker carlson fox nation jan 6th”.
I was surprised to see just mainstream media links debunking Carlson’s analysis.
There wasn’t even a link for Carlson on Fox until the bottom of page 2.
What is happening here?
Unless I’ve got something wrong, I thought Brave search was open, honest and free of any censorship or suppression?

@CrystalSurfer We’ve had a lot of similar conversations. I’ll refer you to a couple official responses that is on one particular topic. May want to read them:

Main thing to remember is search is pulling based on what people have looked at and where there are more sources. If one political side is said more in the news and shared among people, then there will be more sources for it and it can drown out the other side. It’s because of this that Brave has given us things like Goggles we can use to sort through results ourselves and to filter better.

It has nothing to do with “censorship” and “suppression” as you’re trying to claim.

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Thanks for your reply @Saoiray.
I wasn’t really claiming that it was censoring or suppressing, I just didn’t understand what was happening. But now I understand that Goggles helps get round the ‘quantity’ issue, that makes a lot of sense.

Also, go through this wiki and enable WDP

Tried just now. But this is several days later. Comes up third.
Tried on Bing/DuckDuckGo. Comes up a bit further down but still well within first page.
Tried Yandex. Comes up first.
Tried Neeva. Comes up first. (Neeva uses combination of Bing and organic.)
Tried Startpage (i.e., Google). Does not come up.

I’ve been experimenting with search engines and chat today, which is why I easily whipped up the above. :slight_smile: