Another case of political bias in search results

Sometime in the last couple years, I posted some examples of what I thought was political bias in search results from Brave Browser’s search engine. In that case some excellent feedback provided by some very open minded and respectful people persuaded me that I overreacted in alleging political bias at that time. Really impressed and pleased when that happened because honestly what I expected was that people supporting Brave Browser would be in step with big tech and insult and smear me. The response was nothing like that. I have been grateful ever since.

Like the last time I thought I was seeing bias, I am 100% persuaded bias is not happening from anything Brave is doing. Brave is doing search the best possible way, I have nothing but respect and gratitude. I am leaving the rest of this post, even though I now see my perceptions were in error.
End of update.

Well today I’m going to make another allegation of political bias in search results and I’m open to have my mind changed, but I think this is a pretty strong example, I’m not happy about it and if what I’m saying can be verified, you shouldn’t be happy about it either unless you’re in favor of destroying our civilization.

For quite a long time I’ve been doing searches on the term" list crawler." It used to bring back links to smutty stuff that I like checking out. Well it still brings back links to smut but it’s all TRANS SMUT Try to search yourself see what you get . I have no objection to anyone being trans I wish all them best, I’ll even support them but I’ve done nothing in my search terms to indicate that I have a preference for trans material so I don’t know why it’s showing up unless it’s some kind of political manipulation by brave. or someone upstrem of brave in the search space.

I wish my new example did not involve smut. It will be so easy for ding dongs and dumb people to dismiss the importance of what I am alleging. If those smut links are influenced by people in power manipulating search results, that means the manipulation runs rampent though the search results. We kind of already knew that, but this new search behavior was sudden and dramatic.

Now I’m gonna make a political statement and I’m pretty sure it reflects the way more than 90% of adults feel.

First of all, all this resistance to free speech that’s developed in the United States since the 2020 election is absurd, unjustified and unAmerican. It is a completely new phenomenon in American society, it started with the Great COVID Scam, where top doctors and researches were censored for not towing lies perpetrated by the World Health Organizatrion and all our governments. Then it ws the 2020 election, where legitimate, honest, reasonabe questions got same response the Covid descent got. You be censored, ridiculed call the conspiracy theories and all the while people who are dissenting right that’s true about Covid and it’s also true about the 2020 election that election was not straight and I’m not saying who won I’m saying it was not straight.

Now we’re practically not allowed to stay anything about any sensitive social topic unless we’re pro we have to be pro trans pro everything bad everything new everything different everything destructive of our culture and speaking up for a culture makes you a white supremacist and a racist which is bullsheetola.

All is trans stuff that’s been pushed into our culture is subversive it’s not organic. Trans people aren’t the ones who are pushing this into our culture it’s been pushed into culture by people with hands on the levers of power and they’re doing it for their power and they plan to destroy our country in the process.

If trans people have history of getting treated poorly, we need to fix that. Basically everyone is for that. Pushing into the places wherever we look, schools for kids were like five years old with pornographic cartoons which I’ve seen believe me they’re very graphic and I’m no prude you can count on that too. Pushing this trans stuff into our culture is an effort to destroy our culture

what is your rational for participating in pushing trans into search results? Based on the response I got before I’m gonna guess that it’s not a policy of Brave support to promote trans material above other materia. I am guessing this transaction is pushed in upstream of brave maybe at the trust project if you haven’t seen that you take a look at it it’s evil.

Whatever the source brave you need to take responsibility for keeping this kind of bias out of the result you deliver

I don’t think my experience is going to be repeatable. I found that adding descriptor to the search, whether it be a location or anything else. the Trans-related links do not appear. It must be the Search Engine gods have determined to send me trans links on that one search. that is very odd.

Yeah, weird. I went to try to replicate and ended up with:

List goes on. Nothing at all is what you mentioned on trans. It worked that way for both types of typing it out, whether it be listcrawler or list crawler.

I would have thought the results would be slightly different based on how it’s typed out, but it is what it is.

Big question I have for you @carla_rogers is if you still believe there’s any (intentional) political bias and issues going on within Brave Search?

I added intentional to it because I am not sure if you remember, but there had been a topic where some key figures from Brave and Brave Search spoke on this. They did say there could be some bias, but it’s not from Brave. For anyone who may have missed that or forgotten, I’ll provide the links below to check that out.

Results seem politically skewed - #27 by sampson

Results seem politically skewed - #29 by solso

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Brave and/or Brave Search is not politically biased. We pull results from the web based ranking by site popularity. We do not alter, adjust or filter our Search results in any way. If there is bias of any kind it has nothing to do with us. I suggest reading the links @Saoiray left above.

As I’ve likely stated before, if you want to see less “left leaning” stuff or however you’d like to describe it, I highly suggest you look into the “Goggles” feature of Search.

Thank you.

Thank you for tipping me off to Goggles.

Also, I am very pleased to learn the specifics of how Brave search maintains neutrality and supports people preferences. Great work. Deserves nothing but respect.

I do not believe any intentional political bias is making its way into Brave search results,. I am very clear that Brave has carefully steered away from political bias. I think this is extremely important. I respect Brave immensely for what it is doing. It is more than respect. I am grateful to see someone doing the right thing. Not enough of that going around lately. As near as I can tell, Brave is legit.