Old PSA, what to do if no payment yet

Hey! Now that the system is showing all rewards have processed and paid out, everyone should have received theirs or have it appearing within the next few hours. As we know, life doesn’t always work as it should. If you post here on Brave Community about not having received your BAT, you will all get the same exact or similar message. So please, instead of creating posts here to flood issues, your best bet is to do the below so you can get help ASAP.

Send a DM (direct message) to @steeven or @Mattches . Believe it or not, they are the only two people processing everything. While there used to be others like @SaltyBanana that might still appear on here occasionally to help, they can go extended periods of time before reappearing on the forums (like SaltyBanana last commented on 02/08/2022).

When you DM them, make sure to fully explain your issue of how long it has been since you’ve received BAT and provide them your Wallet Info that you can find in brave://rewards-internals. (you need to paste/type that into your browser to access it)

Actually, I may as well quote Steeven since he asks for a bit more:

  • Copy/paste your Wallet ID (found on brave://rewards-internals )
  • Your OS and Brave version (first three lines in brave://version )
  • A screenshot of your Rewards panel in Settings --> Brave Rewards .

There are also two things that Brave staff would like you all to know.

  1. Digging through/posting their logs and making assumptions about what they mean is not helpful to anyone.
  2. That if users aren’t seeing ads or receiving payment, they need to reach out to us directly and they need to exercise patience as not only do we have 1000s of messages to go through between us (support), each individual ticket/DM/request can take anywhere from a few minutes, to a few hours to several days to diagnose.

Posting here isn’t going to speed things up and nobody else can help except for Brave Support. Sending multiple messages also won’t help, in fact it might actually make your wait be longer as you “lose” your place in line, since old notifications become new and they work themselves from the bottom of the list.


And yes, if you make your own post about not getting payments, you will either get a Reply from them letting you know to message them (as I instructed above) or they won’t respond. A good example of this is Not received payment in verified gemini wallet - #2 by steeven

Replied to say to message him and then closed the topic so nobody can comment. So yeah, save yourself and everyone a bit of stress, just message with all the info! lol


My friend, i had already DM steeven 4 days before i write my post you mentioned. After steeven replied to my post i send him a new message as he asked and im waiting again for his help. Until now i have not receive my rewards and my estimated rewards are stacked. Please don’t criticize others for sharing their problems and trying to figure whats going on. Thank you!


@am46 It didn’t criticize. What I am saying is only staff can really figure it out. This also is to show that it’s just the two of them helping and they do say it can take time. Even after they see a message and get the information they need, it can take a long time to identify and resolve the problem, especially if it might have been because of an error elsewhere such as on Uphold.

There’s little to nothing that can be done. And if you take your time to read all the posts that talk about not getting paid, you’ll see they go unanswered or it will have Support respond to say to message them. Otherwise it’s just other people chiming in, “me too.”

People will do what they want, but I’m just trying to advise that if you have an issue, just have to message them. Nothing else will really yield results overall.


Thank you Stephen,
I’m a new Brave user. This is really helpful. In fact, I tried to find this kind of advice from Brave team but it’s not so easy to find. Just after sending my post, I DMed Steeven with the info you suggest as I found it in another post. Now I know that posts aren’t useful to reach Brave support. Thanks for your help!


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@fdepault Just want to clarify one thing. Posts are good for support, but not necessarily support related to payments and all. The reason for this is they need private info that, for security purposes, should never be posted here for all to see. That information is stuff like your Wallet ID. The reason why you don’t want to post it openly is it puts it one step closer to people being able to hack or otherwise access your information or even use it to try to receive your pay instead.

Brave Community is more meant to troubleshoot and fix other types of issues. Anything at all not related to getting your BAT can be seen and resolved here. Yet if you need to know if your account is flagged, get pay issues done, etc then they can only resolve with private messages. (Think of it this way, would you want to openly share your credit card information where others can use it? It’s similar for the stuff they need)


@Saoiray Thank you, this helps too. You sure help Brave team a lot. I’ve read many of your posts and I understand the Brave / BAT more and more everyday. Do you sleep sometimes? :sunglasses:


I wish, lol. Sadly between sleep apnea, autism, ptsd, etc I don’t get much sleep. Add in having no car and limited money due to being disabled…I don’t have much to do on a daily basis. It’s all about helping here (sadly, only as a volunteer), watching anime, reading manga (as well as manhua and manhwa), and researching a lot of random stuff. Not an active or exciting life at all.

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Wow! I don’t see much people like you around here (in Canada). Even if you don’t have much, you give and help a lot to others. You are a star to me!

Keep up your good work, regards!


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I don’t see any type of criticism here. what I do see is the clarification of concepts and ideas. and they are free, free of charge. we must be mature and see things from another point of view and try to achieve something positive for ourselves :money_mouth_face:


I don’t receive BAT from DECEMBER, what happen ?

Again, read this post. The simple answers you just have to contact Steeven or Mattches

sorry for typing here off topic but can you please check and help me out on my issue here Regarding Brave Rewards Backup

Bro can I contact bravesupport in twitter to solve my problem.

You could try their Twitter or even certain Reddit like r/BATProject where other staff work, but I can’t say that any of them are faster or more efficient than our dynamic duo here. I’m not even sure if the people on those pages actually do it themselves or if they just pass along information. But yes, it’s an option.

But last time I just reported my problem in twitter.Anyway thank you

I still haven’t received my payout from last month and then at the same time stopped receiving ads all together. I have no idea on what’s going on. Hopefully it’ll work itself out. :man_shrugging:

Yeah I’m not sure what to say. There’s been a lot of issues lately. In some cases it’s settings that people have, and others it’s because people violated the terms of use and get flagged, other time does the system falsely flagging people and employees have to fix it, other times it’s Uphold or Gemini screwing something up, etc. I don’t think there’s any general rhyme or reason going on. We know that Brave has enough tokens and Ethereum to where payments shouldn’t be an issue on their end.

Sadly about all most of us can do is hypothesize as what we think could potentially be going on but it would all be random guesses without having a clue as to the truth.

The only thing that I do know is that what I’ve had is use the past and even other people who is talking to me directly, brave always resolves any issues and gets the pay to people. The struggles that sometimes people have to wait a month or so to get it. It seems ridiculous but not like we have any other options. At least they are trying to be open with us to let us know how many people they have working on things and trying to get us to be more patient and understanding. It doesn’t mean we have to be happy about it but it is what it is

yeah, it is what it is.

you are doing an amazing job so far, when I was more active here I got offered the chance to be a moderator – in the reddit site which I had to refuse, I really don’t know if that would have included a retribution though.
if you keep it like this I have no doubt you could get the offer too :+1: