Brave Rewards not paid/did not arrive

I’m going to be completely honest:

I’ve been using Brave for approx 2/3 months and I’m really getting sick of it. Brave’s entire offering is predicated on paying BAT rewards to users. This is the only reason anyone chooses to use Brave.

However, the process of paying out rewards is an absolute mess. There are too many issues to list here.

I’ve been waiting for my November Brave rewards since 7/12/22. I was supposed to receive 18-point something BAT from my laptop browser and 7-point something BAT from my phone/android browser. Both browsers are linked to the same Uphold wallet.

Yesterday, I received 4-point something BAT, along with the confirmation “Congrats. Your November rewards have arrived”. They haven’t. I should have received approx 26/27 BAT.

Please ensure that the rewards I am owed arrived asap. And you need to do much better!

Sadly, as I tend to have to say on many other topics, the only reply that can be given to try to help resolve your situation is to have you create a Rewards Support Ticket. Typically Brave responds within 3-5 business days, but do be advised there’s a lot of tickets being submitted lately. So patience will be important. Also keep in mind that once you submit a ticket, a confirmation will be sent to your email. All future replies also will go to your email, so keep an eye out, especially to make sure they don’t appear in your Spam/Junk folders.

And there is absolutely no reason why my account should have been flagged? None whatsoever. It’s all just part of the Brave nonsense.

It’s all just an excuse not to pay rewards which have been earned.

@Puck567XX did you submit a ticket? If so please send your ticket number and I can take a look. Thank you.

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