incomplete payments and also missing

@steeven , Hi, I’m using the Brave Nightly browser, I don’t have a linked wallet in my brave rewards panel. the problem I have is the following: the BATs that I was paid for are incomplete and they are also missing because they are not even reflected in my rewards panel, help me recover the missing bats, what information do you need me to send you so that you can help me

@tom_wild you’ll need to send him a DM. When you do, make sure to let him know your situation as you did here, then include your Wallet Info which you can access at brave://rewards-internals

Just be advised that it can take a few days for him to get to your message and then up to a couple weeks to diagnose and fix the issue. Hopefully everything happens much sooner, but I try to prepare people to be a bit understanding of that and to realize you’re not being ignored if not getting a quick response.

ok, thank you very much for responding, I will send a DM to @steeven explaining the situation in detail

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