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Hello Sir/Madam, I need to clean install my Windows and upgrade it to Win11. So, that I have to reinstall brave browser too but before that I want to backup my rewards including the current February month pending rewards too. Can you please guide me on this. I know I can get BAT which are in my Brave Wallet to Uphold, I will definitely do that, I am asking about the “Estimated” one which is yet to be credited to Brave Wallet. How to backup this one. Please do reply.

Someone please reply

here you can read about that topic…it’s quick and easy to do :money_mouth_face:

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In addition, you can also search using keywords…in the internal search engine of this forum I mean :four_leaf_clover:

So I just have to make a copy of “User Data” folder located in “%localappdata%\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser” and when I reinstall Brave I just have to copy paste the backup. Am I right?

yep…that procedure is correct… the link tells you what and how to do it in simple steps

okay I got it… thanks for helping… have a great day!

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Jumping in at the last minute but I think , if you do this, you are advised to back up the entire brave folder and not just the userdata.

Make sure you are updated to the latest version.


@Akhil789846 OK so you have someone else respond to you and I don’t know how accurate that is because they were telling you just to do a small portion of the file. Brave always says to do more than just that small portion. So you’re gonna do whichever one that you want. I did respond to somebody else with details that you can see below. And of course with that more importantly is that you read the Reddit posts that I link to because that is where the product manager from brave give us the details of what to do to transfer your device wallet and other information.

Overall though if you had been verified you don’t really have to do anything except to sign into your Wallet on the new device but I guess it won’t hurt for you to do everything

Hate to keep posting in a solved topic, but now I need some clarification.


@Akhil789846 wants to save the estimated earnings he has. An Uphold account only has paid balances. Correct? The only way to save his current estimated earnings is to follow the backup instructions by “Chriscat”. Correct?


  1. The official way to “back up and restore” is basically to verify your Rewards wallet with Uphold/Gemini. When you do so, the BAT that’s stored in your browser (as local files) is transferred to your Uphold/Gemini account. So, as long as you log into your Uphold/Gemini account on your new browser installation, you should see your BAT balance again, since verified users just use the BAT from their Uphold/Gemini accounts.

Based on what he said there, I’m assuming not. It communicates and updates on occasion throughout the month. Obviously there’s some minor details in between where we might need clarification, but I’m just trusting and taking their words literally.

Then the difference on transferring from hard drive or whatever was:

If you are unverified, your BAT is basically local data on your device. If you reformat your computer, for example, you will lose your BAT. However, you can back it up by copy-pasting the /brave-browser folder, which contains basically all your Brave browser profile data, including unverified BAT.


I took “balance” to mean verified/paid out balance as opposed to “estimated earnings” so yes, some clarification is needed.

And that’s what I thought, if you have estimated earnings you want to save, you need to backup/restore the folder.


Lmao, @Chocoholic . Don’t cherry pick there. You quoted on the “if you reformat” part but excluded the “if you are unverified” that came before it. XD

@Saoiray I did miss that! I just focused in on the part I quoted. I was not cherry picking intentionally, so there. :stuck_out_tongue:

I still think you lose your estimated earnings (vs verified/paid out balance) whether you have a verified or unverified account. Maybe one of the moderators could confirm/clarify. Keep in mind and ask if you have their attention?

I’ll do the same (yeah, right) lol

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