Odd mementary screenful of menu upon opening a YouTube video

When opening any YouTube video, while that video is being loaded, I get a screenful of menu text - white on dark grey - that lasts only a moment, then I’m returned to the video. It’s not a crippling problem, but it’s annoying.

To reproduce reliably:

  1. Open one tab and go to YouTube.
  2. Select any video. Right-click that video and “Open in New Tab”.
  3. Go to that tab. The video will “lazy load”, loading only when you open that tab.
  4. As the video loads… when most of the screen is painted… the whole screen will near-black out and be populated with a full-screen textual menu system that appears to be a Brave menu system. It will remain onscreen for perhaps 500mS, then disappear, returning to the YouTube video, which hasn’t yet fully loaded.

Expected: no visible menu, just the YouTube video.

Version: 1.47.188 Chromium: 109.0.5414.119 (Official Build) (64-bit)

No additional Information.

Any suggestions other than “update Brave to the latest version”, which would only be valid if this is a known Brave bug that was definitely fixed in a subsequent version/revision/build?


EDIT: Attempting to add a screenshot…

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