Youtube fullscreen bug (windows)

Description of the issue: Whenever you try to go into fullscreen mode youtube will refresh and crash.
How can this issue be reproduced?

  1. Go to a youtube video and hit fullscreen and the page will just refresh and be set back to default view.

Expected result: Youtube will refresh and not go into fullscreen mode

Brave Version(V1.23.73)

**Additional Information: This happens randomly and I don’t know what causes it but when it does I tend to have to close Brave and reopen it to fix it. My settings are Trackers and Ads (Aggressive) Cross-Site Cookie blocked and Fingerprinting Blocked (Standard) as for extensions I have UBlock Origin a Volume Manager and Honey.
I’ve tried disabling hardware acceleration which hasn’t worked Edit after reviewing another claim filed resetting the cookies had fixed the issue temporarily however the root cause still remains **

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