Youtube options not opening up

Hi, I am new to this browser and I am loving it so far. However I have a few issues with youtube.

  1. When hovering over a video, on Chrome it would normally play a small clip of the video without having to click on it. This does not happen on this browser.
  2. More annoyingly, when I try to click on my icon at the top right to activate youtube dark mode, I get greeted with a loading sign which doesn’t go away meaning I cannot access youtube settings, Darkmode or even Logout. Never had this problem on any other browser.

Can someone please help me out, Many thanks in advance.

This seems to be a feature in Chrome, not on Youtube(?). Brave doesn’t have to support it, but if you think it’s good, you can submit a feature request here:

My dark mode works:

But if you think it is still a bug, please use the template to report bugs. This appears when creating a topic in the Support and Troubleshooting section :slight_smile:

Oh, yeah, before I forget: Which version of Brave do you use?

I just realized you can’t access the menu at all. The important thing is whether you are still using an old version, although a new one may have fixed the problem. Nevertheless:

“please use the template to report bugs.”

“Which version of Brave do you use?”

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I only downloaded this browser yesterday so it should be the latest version. Still doesn’t work, nor does the notification bell which also doesn’t load.

Do you use the Dev, Beta, Nightly or Release version? Maybe you accidentally downloaded the dev version yesterday, where bugs can occur.
If you have a current version, just copy the following into your URL bar (and press Enter):

Version 0.63.48 Chromium: 74.0.3729.108 (official build) (64-bit)
For example, the latest Brave version in the release channel.

Sorry if I bother you with too much technical stuff…

Translated with

I just checked, It is the official browser ;(

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