March 2020 Publishers Payout Megathread

This thread is intended for feedback, questions, and issues regarding this month’s publisher payout.

If your payout is missing, late, or incomplete, please do not make a new thread! Instead, post in here and a Community member or moderator will get to you shortly.

Before posting, also look over these common causes for missing/partial BAT payouts:

  1. Your BAT balance was under the 5 BAT minimum threshold for payout.
  2. Some or all of your BAT balance was credited during the freeze period (the 1st-8th of every month). Any BAT credited to your account between the 1st-8th of the month will instead be paid out to you in the following month’s payout.
  3. Your Uphold account was not linked to your Creators account, lost connection to your Creator’s account, or was linked too late. Your Uphold account must complete verification by the 1st of the month in order to qualify for that month’s payout. For more information about Uphold verification, check out the Uphold Verification Guide .
  4. Your referral rewards will now vary in amount depending on the region(s) in which your referrals were confirmed. See more information here .

Missing Jan. and Feb. payment please help @Asad @steeven


im pretty sure it should be 11 confirmed but only reflects 7

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I have the same issue. I have referral hit 30 days use but no added confirm on my dashboard.

My account is in review from February 8. Please help me get payment for this month.

Issue #3: Missing referral downloads from Creators dashboard

Good afternoon. The problem has not been resolved. Referrals are not displayed, not as installed, not as confirmed


For the whole month of February I did not receive any contributions.
I have not changed any settings but I checked to see if everything is alright and it seems it is.
For more than 4 months I received contributions but this is the first month I do not get any.

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Hi Asad, I am a verified publisher with brave and uphold linked but I am not receiving any tips, do you know why this is? I am sure I have been tipped but nothing has shown up on my account since months ago.

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I’m just amazed !!! even a YouTube channel and a Google account are more likely to recover than. here will receive a response from a specialist !!! Are there people here who have received support or not? I think there’s no chance of an answer? is it a fiasco?

@gutvas, your account was suspended and found to be in violation of the Brave ToS. We issued this decision to you in January (the email may have gone to your spam filter). I’m afraid this decision is final.

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hi! when you solve the problem that the balance is not updated I have 30 days of confirmation but the balance remains the same. or is this a problem not on your part? is this a problem with my account? is my account suspended?

@ikolebaev We’re also investigating issues with referral counts. As far as we can tell, the system is working fine – if you’re missing installs or confirmations, it’s likely because those you referred haven’t been consistently using Brave.

Give it a few more days – a lot of these things tend to settle around payout time.


The payout report is currently generating. but it’s 4th mar. will we get payout in 8th - 9th mar or not?

How do you track confirmations?

@dragons using a table in the profile

hi @Asad please check your email and help me process

I have a balance via my github channel that has not been payed out for several months (currently over 360 BAT accrued). Each month the UI shows the usual “payout progress,” but when it completes the payout does not show in the Uphold wallet and the balance remains in my Rewards account.

My Uphold account has two Brave wallets as well as Github and Twitter. I received a small BAT payout in Oct & Nov (from ads I think).

What’s the deal?

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My payout progress status stuck in generating report not showing prepare - review - progress table. pls reply soon.

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My payout progress status stuck in generating report not showing prepare - review - progress table. pls reply soon.