BAT transfer error

I am not sure to post in the right topic. Sorry if I am mistaking.
Here is my problem. Refer to this page:

The transfert failed: “ERC-20 Token Transfer Error (Unable to locate corresponding Transfer Event Logs), Check with Sender.”
Indeed my BAT tokens are still on my My Ether Wallet account and it cost me 0.00195418744602143 Ether for nothing.
Does anyone know why it happened? And how can I be sure that if I try to transfer my BAT tokens again it will work?
Is there a way the BAT team pays me my ether fee back?
Thank you for your help.

@Gabriel89 Hey. I just started moving through to see Topics with no response and saw yours. I hesitated on responding to something from like 5 months ago, but wanted to reach out to see if you ever figured things out, if you still needed help, or where you might stand.

And yeah, you didn’t. Usually would be in #support-and-troubleshooting:wallet and I might move it over if you tell me you’re still trying to get help. Apologize we missed you, but just fell into area we don’t often look.


I am still trying to get help. Thank you for yours.

@Gabriel89 I could see on etherscan that about a month after your failed transaction, you were able to successfully transfer your BAT. This is the transaction hash-

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Okay. so here’s the catch, this is one area I particularly am very bad with. What I’m going to do is tag a few people who generally know more and hope they might have some feedback. I know it isn’t much to offer of myself, but hopefully these awesome people can spare the time and help get you to a solution.

(edited names out, not sure if it impacts notifications, but yeah, since Aman was awesome and answered already) Is there any way you guys can have feedback here. Though I’m slowly picking up things based on conversations y’all have had, I’m overall an idiot when it comes to this stuff. Your help would be appreciated. :bowing_man:

Oh, you posted as I was writing that Aman. Thanks!

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Indeed. But I am still interested in knowing why it happened and if there is a way to get the fee back.
Thank you for your help

High possibility that you run out of Gas, as the successful txn took 3 times gas of the failed one. Other reasons could be-

Thank you for your help Aman_M.

A failed transaction with an 100% gas usage is usually a very good indicator you ran out of gas. But here it looks like you tried to initiate a transaction with 0 tokens being transferred?

While you’ll often get part of your transaction fees back on successful transactions (which will depend on the amount of unused gas), failed transaction fees are unrecoverable.

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No I tried to transfer around 1,991 BAT.

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