Notifications stop after system restart

I’m using Windows 10 21H1 with the latest updates. Brave is set to keep running in the background(tray) with the Lighting Reopen add-on so I can get notified from various websites.
I have to force any notifications to work each time after a system reboot by using a web notification test page; and after the first restart Brave Browser disappears form Windows > Settings > System > Notifications & actions.
Google push services is switched on, so that’s not the problem.
It seems to me that it’s the OS that “rejects” the browser in some way after a reboot - it goes in the tray but it’s “asleep” and doesn’t show any notification whatsoever.

The solution for having Brave back in the notification list in win 10 Settings is NOT to delete the Brave shortcut in the start menu → programs. It’s a bug which affects every chromium based browser btw.

P.S. Twitter still doesn’t push notify if you don’t have the page opened. It seems like it’s getting into some kind of suspended mode after a while. It’s weird.

Can you please tell me what Brave version you’re currently using?

I’ve found the solution. Please pin it for everyone else to see/read who’s having the same issue. Mainly because it doesn’t make any logical sense and a lot of people delete shortcuts from the start to decrease clutter.

Thank you for the information.

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