Push notifications stop being pushed after a while

It goes like this: it works flawlessly for few days and then suddenly one day as the pc boots up and brave is active in the tray, nothing gets pushed through. Then I would open the browser but still nothing, and only when I open one of the websites, which are allowed and should notify all the time, then the banner shows up.
I tried other chromium based browsers(Edge, Chrome, Vivaldi) with exactly the same addons installed and none of them would have that problem.
It’s tiresome keep reinstalling brave. Can anyone tell me what is going on pls! Thx!
I’m on Win10, everything is updated.

same problem. notifications stops for no reasons and I disnt change anything. Im on windows 11

Obviously, there is something wrong with the way Brave deals with Google push message services. I initially thought it was the shield that broke it and tried switching it off and on again, but that didn’t fix anything. It’s just that after booting my PC on the next day the browser just goes asleep in the tray.

The problem still persists.