Failure to restart

This may be a glitch or due to my configuration of this PC. Several times after using “Brave” and then exiting the browser, I will attempt to restart the “Brave browser” and and and NOTHING! I get a processing indicator and then nothing. I can again start “Brave” but only after restarting Windows 10. When “Brave” starts it does NOT know me. I have to select “you” and then select my “start up” pages. Everything then works fine for that session. However, should I put my machine in “Sleep Mode” upon return Brave will work fine until, I close Brave and later try to reopen it. The situation returns and I have to reboot to get Brave. Brave failure seems to happen at random. At times Brave will function normally and then without warning won’t function. Any thoughts?

Hi @tajho - thanks for reporting. What OS and Brave Version are you on?

1.)My Os is Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 Professional (x64) Version 1903 (build 18362.657)

2.) My Brave is

[Version 1.3.115 Chromium: 80.0.3987.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)]

Any other info needed please let me know.

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