Notification's about the Reward System while creating a new forum thread

Since this Forum is so awesome I would like to suggest some kind of layer as a top-notch notification mechanism inside this website to inform people about BAT related topics so they can close click that layer before or while they create a new thread to avoid doubt’s on the Rewards System and to inform them about the current Status on Error Report Handling and the Rewards System health.// This way it would be a great feature / gimmick.

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Thanks for reaching out!
Can you clarify a bit about this feature you’re suggesting? If I understand correctly, you’re suggesting that we insert common/general Rewards information in the box pictured below for easy access to common solutions when users go to submit a new topic here on Community – is that correct (screenshot taken is from Support and Troubleshooting category)?

I thought I make a scribble and send it in. It might be a bit too much uhm but it intends to resemble important information to the user base.

I think this thread can now be kinda marked as solved since I was able to reach out to you guys and if you like the idea you gonna take it further – I would like to see such a feature but your current info display does the job at least and might just need a little more styling. IMO the most important thing is that new redundant thread’s are to be little in total to comfy your ongoing work efforts.