I thought you guys finally fixed the BAT payout bug, i guess not

I was pleasantly surprised when I saw Brave rolling out a new notification feature. :blush:

“Finally,” I thought, “that would reduce miscommunication, improve clarity, and shows Brave is at least putting a bit more care into the monthly payout fiasco” :thinking::+1:

I was pleasantly unsurprised when it, y’know, made your miscommunication and payout fiasco worse, lol! :rofl:

Now everyone was given the expectation the BAT will arrive timely on the given ETA date. And it didn’t; it was just wiped clean off the slate. :boom::dizzy:

If anything, what happened was you’ve exacerbated the problem by glaringly highlighting when the BAT would arrive, and failing to deliver on it. Seems that your dev team, product lead, and PR team really needs to sit down and have a good chat with Brendan Eich. :man_judge:

You can’t keep ignoring the problem forever, and pushing superficial GUI enhancements isn’t going to cut it. Or maybe you think you could. :woman_shrugging:

Meanwhile, moderators and community volunteers, please do try to keep your sanity. I do see a tremendous amount of users seeking support. It’s a lot more than previous months. :crazy_face:


I am having the same problem…there was like rewards will come today and than they vanished …now tell me if the rewards come to my wallet or not…so that i can decide to keep the brave browser in my phone or just uninstall it…

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Well, I been on the BAT rewards for quite some time and occurrences like these is no longer new to me. I experienced it many time before too but it will be solved sooner or later (at least for me).
Now, everytime I check the site on payment date, and it says “still processing” then I will give no fuss yet knowing there are many of us waiting to be paid and maybe mine is part of that still processing. Now, if it says “all processed” yet I don’t received, that’s when I start contacting support here.


How to check this if rewards is processing or not

Same thing happened to me, i also experienced this bug. Countdown just disappeared without giving me any bats. Ńo idea where my bats are now.

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