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Good day can ask why i dont recieve bat from brave reward grant i use the app i long terms but i dont recieve.

i already recieve notification that my account is waiting for deposit on april 17 but i dont receive.


Helppp no reword agenn :frowning:


how i get brave reward.
if i don`t get any reward.


I did have the same Problem as many other new users. I did write to brave over 3 weeks ago. what we use and what brave collects of data about me and my whereabouts is not OK, Taking a log without we members knowing is Not OK by me. i now find out that you also log what computer equipment, Hardware etc. I did not Know that. Brave If you want us Users to trust brave and the people behind, Then don’t promise something you can not hold. I was promised 500 or more bat as sign up bonus. when i signed up Last year, i did use brave in a period for over 14 days every day all day but got nothing for it. Also now you did give 0.04 or something Bat , but what about all the other i was supposed to earn for being online, for making replays and many other things in brave app and on my Computer !!! This what i have to say. Hope that Brave takes this serious, and i Will not just Take Lightly on this. If you make Lies, Says something you/Brave will do for us Users, You Better hold what you Promised your Members/Users, I / We will Not Take Lightly on this, and Not only me but all other Members/ users Will Hold you up on this Trust me on that :wink: I am Not mad at you Brave, But disappointing that you promise us Users something and then run from the Fact that you did not hold what promised. How can we the users then trust you again, and what will you do, For this Not happen in the Future !!!


I and my followers are disappointed too. Brave no keep on his promises. Everything here is like a voice in the emty room.


I was given a new referral link, after which all downloads and installations are zero. Will I get paid for them?


I received many ads and was set to receive just over 2 BAT for estimated pending reward on October 5th. yet now it looks as if all of it it gone, and now is showing 0.10 BAT for 0.02 USD… can someone please tell me how this happend?


nothing payed out no support NOTHING