Can't prove I'm human to claim BAT reward

Dragging the triangle to confirm my humanity has been a complete failure. I’ve read of others failures as well and did not see a viable solution to the problem. Please help me in this matter. I’m now beginning to question my existence. Am I truly human? Or is this just all a simulation? Quickly falling the down the rabbit hole here, a prompt response will be greatly appreciated. My fading sanity thanks you.

So I posted this last week the problem persists and I have yet to get any kind of response. I also sent a DM to whomever it suggested in the posting concerning these problems with claiming BAT rewards also I’ve gotten no response.
The problem claiming rewards is one thing. The total lack of customer service and no communication at all is a glaring sign of much larger problems than some silly reward system.

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As users on this forum we’re well aware of the persistent reward bugs being reported and may be affected by a few ourselves, it would be nice to see the moderators acknowledge the bugs and stop acting like these are isolated incidents

I totally agree. I think this browser can be great. I like it. I don’t like being ignored. Maybe they just need more time. To avoid frustration I may just give em 6 months or so just so I don’t build up any resentment. I can live with Chrome for that long if need be

  1. Moderators can’t do anything to fix the problem. There are VERY few (maybe 3?) Brave development team who can help to resolve issues, and hundreds of users asking for help. Be patient. The team are helping fix things as fast as they can.

  2. Users asking for help almost NEVER follow the instructions for requesting help (including the OP in this thread), and that wastes everyone’s time, including the few people who actually CAN help. Throwing tantrums here in the community forum doesn’t get things done faster.

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