Separate brave forum

Could we separate rewads / basic attention token and Brave Browser into two fourms eg and this would make the forum much more cleaner and effective imo


BATs have their own website too: They could create a new forum there.

See also my request:


Would be refreshing not seeing the constant complaints about rewards, also Brave using one fourm for two separate components paints them all with one brush, new users interested in Brave Browser may even be turned off

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Should be fairly easy to clone this forums database and remove unrelated rewards/payments categories

Please note there is a difference between moaning/slagging off Brave and technically explaining issues in a polite manner. So although I agree that your idea of two forums has merit I believe this would be a bad idea.

It could be construed that Brave is not bothered about the BAT issues and cause others to slate Brave for the wrong reasons. Due to this I personally would suggest we keep to one forum and get more involved in the technical problems.

I am an engineer and believe that most things can be fixed but we need details not just a moan that “my bats don’t work”. We need to help each other.

I personally have issues with BATS not moving into my Uphold account but I am in communication with Steeven and hope to be able to sort out the issue by a line of communication.

Hope this helps guys.

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Would only be construed as such if it was treated as a gulag with zero support, iam not suggesting we put steeven over there by himself on suicide watch

Thanks structdjm, I’m with you all the way. Let’s not feed Steeven to the wolves so to speak :wink:

Some information re my system which may be of use to others: Computer is a modified IBM running Manjaro Linux. I’ve just updated to Brave 1.24.84 coming from Brave 1.23.71.

BATs still not moved into my verified Uphold wallet :frowning: More experimentation needed. I’ll start a new topic solely for updates.

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