Two notifications on BAT rewards symbol next to Brave symbol


I clicked the rewards icon because I had two notifications. One said I had BAT waiting to be deposited, the other said I had a grant. I should’ve taken a picture, sorry :confused: When I clicked on the notifications, they disappeared. Any idea what this could’ve been? I don’t publish content, I just use the browser to surf the web.

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mm well bat reward would be your regular reward and a grant would be higher reward and mabe would be 5$ signe up bonus now bat reward get paid once a month but if u set itup with coinbase they go in wallet automaticly. i hadsame probleme when i started but hust keep on doing what u do and you will be guided as u go and then it will come easier as you go u will understande a bit better the systeme then after it all set up prperthe payment just go auto. in acc. keep using brave as browser the rest does itself

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