NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

Hi folks,

I would highly recommend using Sync as this should eliminate this problem from happening. This is likely what a lot of Chrome users are doing - signing in with their Google account. Same w/ Edge users and signing in with their Microsoft account.

This problem does actively happen with Chrome too - and the exact steps are very important. We’ve proactively spent a lot of cycles debugging suspect areas of the code. It’s definitely not an easy problem to solve.

There are some things we can do - like log to a system log when the password used for encrypting/decrypting passwords changes. That might help us tie a date/time to an event the user did on the OS which we haven’t found a root cause for yet. For example, if we had that timestamp, we could check event viewer on Windows or syslogd on Linux and see what else happened around that time

@clifton this is one of the big questions that need to be answered from others. But I know in some, such as at NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue - #99 by danelledawn, it was said that they have it synced and the passwords weren’t visible on any device. Same with NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue - #65 by baduser where they said checked sessions from Sync and passwords vanished everywhere.

Same was true for Update deletes my passwords and autofill data - Windows 11 using 1 profile only where they said data was being lost. Though I never did ask @hunsinge if the other devices had issues or if the missing password was just on Desktop and it was able to sync passwords back later?

@tezzab never did ask, did you have your did ask, did you have your browser on a Sync chain?

None of my other devices, including a laptop on windows 11 as well, have this issue. I do use sync and I’ve recently tried clearing my cache, deleting my profile, removing all extensions, and even uninstalling fully and reinstalling Brave and I still have the same issue.

I may be confusing myself on this so want to clarify. It’s synced but passwords go missing on the one device but not the others? And despite the sync chain, your passwords never appear again on the one device?

Correct. Passwords are only missing on the one device and they do not appear again on the device.

I don’t think I used a Synch chain as I was only using it on one device (laptop). I haven’t checked but I do have on old Mac that the laptop replaced which may still have the passwords saved but I am just going back to using Safari as this has really put me off Brave.

Brave version : 1.61.101.
MAC OS : Catalina
I have read through link you supplied. I do not have Histogram , I do not have crash report.
although for few days, the section of saved password what empty , but I was able to auto fill forms with username and pass , so never thought of it as an issue.
Today , I tried to login to a site , auto fill didn’t work , i tried on my own site … and didn’t work there as well. i tried on few other sites , nothing.
I can honestly say. I m F***ed …

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