Randomly lost all of my saved passwords

Okay so I just launched Brave on my computer and I saw that I was disconnected from all websites, which is something weird that has never happened before.
Upon trying to reconnect, I realized the browser wasn’t suggesting me to use saved passwords, so I went to check there, and it was perfectly and uttelry empty.

The last time I used Brave was a few hours ago, and I didn’t do any manual update inbetween, so the bug either comes from an automatic update, or isn’t caused by an update. Is there a way for me to retrieve the passwords? I’m pretty sure they were stored in clear so I guess I could find them somewhere if they haven’t completely vanished for some reason.

Thanks for the help

okay so from what I see, my passwords are still correctly in the “Login Data” DB but not in the “Login Data For Account” one

Will a simple renaming do? And also how did the switch happen out of the blue?

I’ve lost a couple of times on 1 laptop; I now make sure I regularly export them to my drive.

I’ll tag @mattches to help. Probably he can shed some light on the issue. Thanks!

Can you please tell me whether or not you have Brave Sync enabled on this device?

i still havent had any fix for my issue opened over 2 weeks ago, this is just pathetic.

@czx there are a few situations that can cause the key for your passwords to change, which will make the Login Data entries un-decryptable. If you open them in a SQLite viewer, you can see the sites and usernames.

One of the events that can cause it is when an administrator forcibly resets a password on the machine. There are a few other edge cases - these happen in all Chromium based browsers, unfortunately. If you did change passwords recently, you might try changing your password back and then enabling sync (so that password gets persisted). Then you can change PW again.

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Another thing that can cause the entries to seemingly disappear would be if you copied the profile directory from another machine. Even if you’re on the same machine and do a backup/reformat your machine, it’s going to create a new key. When you have the data which was encrypted with the old key, it can’t decode it

Can anyone having this issue confirm they:

  • did not change passwords
  • they did not copy the profile from another machine?

For macOS users, you are going to want to check if you have keychain access enabled for Brave.

We are collecting all known details and putting them here:

nope I didn’t have Brave Sync enabled

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Okay well, this might sound like a miracle, but my passwords came back today.
I literally did nothing except maybe an update yesterday evening

In the meantime I installed a password manager, so now I’m safe if it happens again

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