Lost all Profile & Session after windows shutdown, brave crash and auto update to version 1.63.169

Issue Description:
Upon encountering a crash and an auto-update to version 1.63.169, I experienced a complete loss of settings, sessions, and application local storage in Brave browser on Windows. Upon rebooting Windows and launching Brave again, all profiles were missing from the profile settings, and the browser defaulted to a single profile, resulting in the loss of sessions. This issue emerged recently, approximately a month ago, coinciding with Brave crashing when Windows was shut down without manually closing each window.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Have multiple profiles (16 in this case) before updating to version 1.63.169.
  2. Open several profiles simultaneously with varying configurations.
  3. Shut down Windows without closing all Brave windows.
  4. Upon rebooting Windows and launching Brave, observe the loss of settings, sessions, and application local storage.

Expected Outcome:
The expected behavior would involve retaining all settings, sessions, and application local storage after an auto-update and crash. Additionally, a mechanism to refresh Brave profile definitions would be beneficial in restoring lost settings, sessions, and application local storage.

Brave Version:
Version 1.63.169 Chromium: 122.0.6261.111 (Official Build) (64-bit), auto-updated on Mar 6, 2024.

Additional Information:

  1. I have rutinly shutdown windows without closing all brave instance while using Brave for approximately 1.5 years without any problems.
  2. Notably, before the issue arose, the profile selector would appear upon launching Brave, allowing for the selection of profiles. However, after the loss, Brave defaulted to a single profile upon launch, resulting in the loss of sessions.
  3. Upon further investigation, I observed that opened tabs and browsing history were retained, and manually launching Brave with a specific profile ("C:\Program Files\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\Application\brave.exe" --profile-directory="Profile 10") via shortcut preserved settings except for sessions and passwords
  4. The Newly opened profile 10 is added to the profile selector and restored the profile selector functionality of having 2 loaded profiles.
  5. All user data remains intact in C:\Users\Glen Kusuma\AppData\Local\BraveSoftware\Brave-Browser\User Data.

This issue significantly impacts user experience and the reliability of Brave browser. Any assistance in resolving this matter would be greatly appreciated.

Additional Image
User Data

Profile selector

profile 10

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