NOTICE: Unexplained Data Loss Issue

So, the Brave Helpdesk does not answer my emails any longer. What are we supposed to do about all these issues with passwords and not being able to connect our rewards to our Uphold account? Should we reset everything? Is there a roll back option or some type of recovery? Why is this going unnoticed and no action being taken or advice given?

As for this thread and other users experiencing data loss, we have our devs looking into it. Please understand that, as stated before, the issue is non-trivial and hard to diagnose, in addition to resources being stretched. We appreciate everyone’s patience here. I will personally ping some team members today and try and get any kind of update regarding this thread.


If you submitted a ticket to us, can you please share with me the ticket number you were given in the DM I’ve just sent you so I can ensure we get someone to assist you with your issue? Thank you.

Hello @chrisinhoff - There has been no reply from you since April 10th regarding your issue. Please respond in your ticket with additional details regarding your Rewards account issue. Thanks!