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  1. I want to sync my Win version of Brave with my MB and iPhone.
  2. Result: The sync option is greyed out and therefore not possible to use.
  3. I have deleted Brave and reinstalled it again. The problem still remains. Does anyone have a solution?

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Kristoffer Södersten

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I’m having the same problem on multiple computers as of today. I can’t seem to find any other info on this. I even uninstalled the browsers and wiped clean whatever traces of Brave software I could find, reinstalled, and it’s still greyed out. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

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@Krille @Swass,
What is your Brave version? On desktop, Brave Sync is (temporarily) disabled for 1.3.x release due to recent crash reports.

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Thanks for the info @eljuno. Do you have an ETA for the new release with the sync enable? Also, what’s gonna happen after it’s back, do you expect any kind of overlapping or issue?



Recently switched to Brave from Chrome and Dolphin browsers because Brave is not evil Google and Brave is available for desktop and mobile unlike Dolphin that can only be used with an Android emulator for a computer. Also the Brave Android app does not crash and close unexpectedly like Dolphin.

One feature I was really eager to use is the synchronizing of bookmarks between multiple devices. After doing some searching here I have discovered I started using Brave while the sync feature is unavailable for the PC version of Brave. Sync is available for the Brave app on my Android phone and generates the Sync Chain Code that I can enter when Sync is working again for the PC browser.

Before finding this Help page I uninstalled Brave, ran system clean up of my PC, rebooted, reinstall Brave and Sync not working was still a problem. Now I have the pleasure of going through and redoing my Brave Settings again.

Windows 10 Home, 64 bit
Brave version: 1.3.115

Attached screenshot shows Sync is grayed out on the right hand browser menu, On the left side of the screenshot can see Sync arrows turn red after being clicked instead of showing box to type Sync Chain Code. Hopefully this problem will be fixed soon.