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Hello Brave developers,
the section of build numbers and your communication is quite intransparent.

Around 2 weeks ago I installed Brave 1.2.43 on one client, with default values. After some days I installed it on a different client, which got silently the Version 1.3.113 after a couple of days. I visited your site to sneak the fixed issues, but this version didn’t appeared.

Today my second client which still had 1.2.43 got the newer version 1.3.115, again visited your release site and there is only written some 1.3.155 Version… I think it is a mistyping.

So please fix your update rollouts on existing brave installations and please automate the release updates on your website.

ps: I know your github release channels and where to get the issues informations.

Regards Ivo

Few days ago, 1.3.x. was released. See Release Channel 1.3.113

But due to recent crash reports, update to 1.3.x. is on hold.

And now, another 1.3.x is released which contain a hotfix for the crash issue.

More information:


Thanks for your reply, but I already included that I do know the issues and why this is happening. But the way this information is presented is not suitable for non devs or “normal enduser” and somehow misleading, also when there are mistakes and missing informations about releases on the main site.

That’s what I want to point at.

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I’ve forward your feedback to the team to (re)include Release Note for 1.3.113 on the

Thanks for the feedback.

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This confusion is understandable and is due to the crashing errors we had with v1.2.43 --> v1.3.113. We pushed another hotfix update after 1.3.113 to v1.3.115 – the v1.3.155 you saw on was, as you mentioned, simply a typo :slight_smile:

So, to confirm, the latest/most up to date Brave stable build is currently at v1.3.115.

Release notes for 1.3.113 is now available on