Not recieving a single ads from last two months

@steeven Hi steeven from last two month i have not recieved a single ads .if my profile is flagged then also it is not showing that your profile is flagged. This happen to me very first time


In order to find an indicator, that your Brave Rewards profile (user account) has been ‘Flagged’ . . .

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://flags

Search flags, for: Enable Brave Rewards verbose logging

. . . and select Enabled for that flag.

Take action / steps that would cause some Brave Rewards logging. (I am uncertain, how much time needs to pass, while you do that.)

In a Brave Browser > New Window, go to: brave://rewards-internals

Click on ‘Logs’

In the Logs, if you see:

  • ‘You do not have enough unblinded tokens’

then your Brave Rewards profile (user account) has been ‘Flagged’.

Alternative method:

  • Reverify wallet, triggers a message

All the above advice, thanks to @g00z

The current message, when ‘Flagged’:


@dinesh2 Make sure your device is ready to receive notifications.

  1. Open, click Authorize then Show, then Show in 5s.

  2. If above test fails, then go to Not receiving Brave ads fix it fast - #2 by CerealLover , follow troobleshooting ads steps, if negative contact a Brave employee by filling the request form.

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Based on previous topics/posts, it appears you may have been receiving ads over the last two months but delivery has been intermittent. Ad delivery is not guaranteed, you could go days without any ads depending on the ads you are eligible for and the parameters set by the ad campaign.

If you have followed the troubleshooting suggestions posted by other community members above and you are receiving a few ads here and there but no earnings, you should submit a request using to support to investigate using the form linked below. You will receive a support ticket# via email and you can follow-up using the ticket# email.

Submit a request – Brave Help Center

Hope this helps.

i was recieving ads till march but after the march i have not recieved a single ads i have only recieving sponsered images and my balance is also stucked from May nor any notification that my account is flagged

@dinesh2 Just submit the request form so support can look at your issue more closely. I’ll repost the form again in expanded form below. Just click the link, provide the information requested, and submit! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you have already submitted a request, then you should have received a ticket# in email. Follow-up using the ticket# email. If you submitted a request and never received a ticket#, then resubmit. Make sure you provide all the information requested including details or your request may be closed without notice.

If you need more information or help with the form, please update your post.


yes i submitted form yesterday also dont know when the support team will help

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Just give it time. Requests are put in a queue in order received. You should get an email with a ticket# or at least an email acknowledging support received your request within a day or two. Use that email for follow-up. Just wait several days after you receive the first email before you request a status update. Do not spam support with follow-up requests every few hours or days. That just slows down the system.

If you don’t receive an email within a few days of the first submittal, resubmit the form and indicate the submittal is a 2nd request. Support may not have received the original submittal for whatever reason.

Hope your problem is resolved. Take care. :slightly_smiling_face:

hi my reward also stucked from may as shown in screenshot

see this anyone from support team and help me

@dinesh2 If it is another device, just submit another support request for that one too. If it is just an additional issue with the request you already submitted, Brave will probably address that too. :slightly_smiling_face:

no its the save device

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