I haven't got an AD in two weeks

Seems like since late october as i’ve finally reached 10 BAT, ad’s stopped popping, they only BAT’s i’ve earned is from the sponsored background (whopping 0.110)
I did the push test with notifications, its working fine, i dont have a wallet yet, would love to see help, thanks in advance

Can someone from the staff help me out with it? for 3 weeks i haven’t seen an brave ad

My guess is there’s something wrong with the automated flagging system. Not sure how I could get flagged for irregular activity when Brave controls the amount of ads shown.

I haven’t done anything wrong myself, unless syncing phone with desktop is illegal, in fact i founf that the sync wasn’t working properly. Also is there a way to find out if im flagged, i’ve pm’d one of the staff member for help but didn’t recive an answer

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