I haven't received any rewards or Ads since Feb 22

Hello, good morning everyone, firstly sorry if I’m posting something in the wrong topic or that already has a resolution or answer.

Well, the last time I received ads and payments was on February 22nd, since then I don’t receive Ads, I use Brave as my primary browser connected with a verified account at Uphold.

I see that my ad rewards are at 0.00 and my balance for the month of March is also 0.
Is it a problem? bug? or really this month we didn’t have Ads?

my OS is Windows 11 build : 10.0.22000

You’re probably flagged just like was, and am again. This browser is a constant headache.

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I have also not been receiving any rewards since about this time, despite adds continuing to show. I’m not sure who to contact about this?

sorry I don’t understand, but the “flag” in this case would be “banned”? “dirty”? marked not to receive something? If so, is there anything that could be done to fix it?

Hi !

Since febuary, i haven’t received ads like you. Notifications is enable, rewards is enable, focus is disable …

I’m on Windows 11.

Anyone have found a solution ?


I don’t have ads on brave news but i don’t have the flagged popup.

I get 5 ads per hour. Since last night I have not received a single one. Every time I open my browser after been closed for an hour or so, I am greeted with an ad immediately. So I pretty sure like at the end of every month I am flagged again. Last few month, toward the end of the month when I reach around 800 ads, they shut me down for the remainder of the month or allow me back up on the last day. smh

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