Not receiving Ads for the last 2 months

Not receiving any Ads the last couple months. Haven’t changed settings and I’ve tried all of the troublshooting recommended on here. Any help would be appreciated thanks.

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Same problem here. Only earning som BAT for sponsored images.

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I had the same problem beginning a few days ago (ads suddenly stopped/windows 8.1). I fixed it by enabling the two “expirimental flags” below and then relaunching brave browser:

  • brave://flags/#enable-system-notifications
  • brave://flags/#brave-ads-custom-notifications

Saw this mentioned in another thread and tried it. It turns out it worked. Just an fyi.


Thanks mate! It works indeed; I have just received my first ad! Never thought I would be so happy to see an ad… Cheers

This is great! I spent hours trying to fix the same issue and it did the trick. Thanks a lot!

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