Not receiving Brave ads fix it fast

not receiving brave ads…one day received 200 ads and then it stopped completely



General Steps for Troubleshooting ‘Not Receiving Ads’ for PC.

First, check the following;

  1. Is Brave still available in your region
  2. Are ads still available your region . Search in Brave community posts for the latest about your country.
  3. For windows, check if your device still accepts ads by making a test on the following web page:

If Negative,
a) Open brave://settings/content/notifications and check notifications settings
b) Check notifications settings in Windows Settings,
c) Disable focus assist in Windows Settings.

Second, Answer to following questions:

  1. Do you use VPN? Expected answer: No
  2. What’s your Brave version? Expected answer: latest
    3.Open brave://rewards-internals/ and check if account still active.
  3. Other problem?

If issue still persist, please submit a request and fill in the form provided at this address
This is an online ticketing system to help Brave employees manage support requests.


I have red and check all the suggestions but still not receiving ads and BAT sice August 2021. @Mattches or @steeven could you help?

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@Anudhyan That’s not unusual. We aren’t guaranteed to see ads daily nor are we guaranteed to see the “maximum per hour” that we select.

As CerealLover mentioned in the comment above mine, you can check to see what ads are available in your region by checking

Beyond that, try to check out a comment I made elsewhere at Unusual activity in active campaigns in my region - #2 by Saoiray and the comment below it once you navigate there.

Also you can be sure to check out FAQ at PSA: User FAQ - Support & Answers

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