Not received pending BAT - March 8th


I think you should enable some “in progress” indicator of system is processing payouts in dashboard so this could definitly cut post with doubts.


My name as a content creator is Franklin Josué Escamilla Ramirez. my telegram is Frank_586


I was verified in February, but now is the number 9th, uphold still did not receive, please help me, thank you!


Hello only receive a partial pending payout, is this normal?


Real case:
A friend with an account verified in March and has received BAT in March -> Recive your BAT 10 hours ago
I verified in febrary, some BAT recived in Febrary -> No recive anything

@chriscat @Asad @eljuno whats happen here? Payment are still in progress?


The same thing is happen to me. I am in South America and the payment date on dashboard changed to April 8th.

I have some BATs since january, I have an UpHold verified account and my channels ou YouTube are verified as well.
Why the platform dont process my payments yet?

I still waiting for my BATs. :slight_smile:

Thank you guys.


Reward received; hey guys, you’re awesome, continue work hard in this project called Brave, a lot of people trust in your team and this project, thanks… @eljuno @chriscat @Asad


Great project great peoples especially @chriscat @Asad you are rocking guys


Is paymant still ongoing process ?


I have not received my payment, I hope to receive it soon


Hello, on which date did you verify your Uphold account? It must have been verified before March 1st in order for you to make it into this month’s payout. Thanks.


I have been verified since 2017 @chriscat


@samytheflow, can you provide me with your publisher email or YT channel please? Thanks.


@mandias, please provide your publisher email or YT channel/site so we can check. Thanks.


same problem with me I did not receive and I am checked February uphold


Good morning friend how are you? are still processing payments, I have not received mine, my uphold account has been verified since 2017 and I received them in February, greetings.


@senor10 @altovoltajecc You will need to give me your publisher e-mail account or YT channel/website for me to check. Otherwise, I do not know which account is yours!




I have been verified since 2 Feb and nothing too. My PUB mail is