I have not received payments since February 8


Since February 8, I am waiting for them to pay to my uphold portfolio and it has been 6 days and nothing comes, I want to know what happened I expect your answer, my uphold account is verified since the beginning of January,

Sin%20t%C3%ADtulo this is my editor account email omar.salazar1445@gmail.com


Thanks for reaching out.
I would highly recommend reaching out to our Publishers support team for help with this. A wonderful gentleman named @Asad would be more than happy to help you. You can reach him at publishers@brave.com


@xdomar1999, in addition to reaching out to publishers@brave.com, do you know, off the top off your head, when you may have received your 33.25 BAT?

Although we can check inside our database, I would just like to ask you first since that can save some time. Can you remember when the 33.25 BAT arrived in your dashboard, or when the tip was made (if you know the person who made it)?



@chriscat The bat arrived on February 5, and said the payment would be earmarked for February 8 thx <3


Thank you for the very helpful information. Since the BAT came in on the 5th, I can confirm that it would not have made it into the Feb. 8th payout. Instead, it will make it into the March 8th payout date.

This is because anything arriving after the 1st of the month is moved to the next month’s payout. Please see #2 here: Some common solutions to late/incomplete payouts

There is a week-long account freeze period between the 1st to 8th of every month. This freeze is necessary in order to properly process payouts. Any BAT earned during the freeze period will be rolled over to the following month’s payout. For example, if you got a bunch of referral downloads but a few didn’t reach “confirmed” status til the 5th, then you won’t get paid out for those specific referrals until the next month. The same goes for tips and contributions received during this time.


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